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CGN Dasheng Accelerator, high polymer

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Green energy

Nuclear energy and other energy sources are important resources for the survival of modern mankind. Material science and technology provides safe and high-performance support for the construction of nuclear power plants...

Urban power grid

The normal power transmission to protect people's daily lives, for which we have been committed to the development of high standards of power cable polymer materials, power transmission system more secure and reliable.

City traffic

The materials used in aircrafts and ships are constantly moving towards safety, environmental protection and light weight. We use polymer technology to produce high-end cable and engineering plastics products for the transportation sector.




Founded in 2009, Jiangsu Dasheng Polymer Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary held by CGN Dasheng Electron Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd. In May 2015, our company officially joined in CGN Group, and was held by CGN Nuclear Technology Application Co., Ltd., becoming a third-class subsidiary of CGN Group.
Our company is headquartered in Fenhu Economic Development Zone, Wujiang District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with the registered capital ...

Jiangsu Dasheng Polymer Co., Ltd.