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Companies adhering to the "sincere hospitality, letter development, quality win, scientific innovation, continuous improvement" as its purpose, and strive to customer satisfaction.

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Leader's Speech
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With the change of times, the market will be changed. We are facing the unprecedented changing times. The world is one market; only enterprises with advantages in competition can survive.


To accelerate the enterprise development, Dasheng adheres to the business management philosophy of “S&T Innovation, Unity & Struggle, Customer Service, Win-win Benefit” all the time. S&T innovation is the power of an enterprise; product quality is the life of an enterprise; integrity service is the basis of an enterprise. The product structure is further adjusted through enterprise development, to make Dasheng Polymer larger and stronger. Relying on powerful support of the head office CGN and the dominant position of the parent company Dasheng Accelerator in the industry, Dasheng Polymer increases the production scale by our own advantageous technologies and scientific management structure; in the principle of taking “bring high-quality enjoyment and low-price economy to customers” as the basis, our company will provide competitive products and services to every customer.


“Test our capacity after trying our best for several years with ambitious aspiration;

Sail ahead for struggle and unite our wills like a fortress to climb higher in the industry”


So far, our company has been established for seven years leisurely at a firm pace after struggling in the market for many times. We have worked hard for seven years, witnessing our growth history from small to large with wisdom and industrious sweat; we have strived to be strong for seven years, building a steady footstone for career development with persistent belief and regretless pursuit. We have experienced harsh times in this age, bringing opportunities to our growth and trial in every market change, and bring the space of growth and sharp transitions to us in every market crisis. Seven years are like a massive milestone which engraves industrious payout of every colleague in the company bit by bit and impresses the self-transcendence of our colleagues and the sublimation of their spiritual pursuit. 


The future of an enterprise depends on many correct decisions of this enterprise, that is, whether it has leading operation methods and whether it creates the highest value exceeding customer expectations. Dasheng Polymer has given a large quantity of investment, made unremitting efforts, had remarkable achievements, established a scientific and perfect management system and built a highly-qualified professional talent team, to adapt to the market management model with rapid change.


In the future, Dasheng Polymer will work steadily with new attitude in the objective of striving to become an industry leader and the struggling direction of “Win-win Benefits, Customer Service, Unity & Struggle”. Finally, Dasheng Polymer sincerely welcomes industry insiders from all circles of the society to develop and struggle together with us.